Master Classes

Enjoy 2 Master Classes to choose from with top teachers for 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday at Selina from 6-8pm.

Meet the masters…

2 Master Classes to choose from…

Master Classes

Both master classes will be hosted at the Selina in the ‘Library’ for 2 hours with shade and water along with everything you will need to transform. Each master class has a maximum limit of 20 students to attend.

Saturday & Sunday


Dr. Rameet Singh

Dr. Rameet Singh

Saturday: 6-8pm @ Selina (library location)

Yoga- Art Healing Circle

The theme of the night is Heart Awakening & Divine Union. We call in the highest love of our inner masculine-feminine through ancient yogic mantra & guided visualization. We then work with core beliefs systems for anchoring in love frequency. This leads us into the art therapy portion. Give expression to the intimacies & creations that you are wanting to birth into life through the art & writing activity. Be lead into manifesting your greatest desires through the portal of your heart.


Yoga-Art Healing Cicle

$40 USD

Inês Martins

Inês Martins

Sunday: 6-8pm @ Selina (library location)

K.A.P. Kundalini Activation Process

“Reawaken your sparkle for life”

What is KAP? KAP Is a transmission of life force energy. It’s a transmission process, not self generating. It’s the path of surrender. Different from other self generating willful practices or Kundalini experiences such as kundalini yoga, tantra, Chi gong… where you are generating your own energy to rise. In KAP the energy comes in from the top of the crown, down towards the root chakra, flowing both ways. This energy has an intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs in the moment. What may happen? You may feel the energy running through the body, third eye activation with visions, images, colors. You might experience astral journeys; emotions rising such as sadness, laughter, joy… Body movements stretches, yoga poses, shaking, mudras… you may feel a state of bliss. It is a process that keeps on giving after each session.

Inês Martins

Enjoy a master class with certified K.A.P. facilitator Inês Martins.

$60 USD