Friday, April 29th: 3-5pm: Fruit Ceremony & 6-8pm: Opening Ceremony with Mayans, Music and Copal. *FREE TO ATTEND*

Let’s open the space and bless it to star the festival off with local Mayans for a rich ceremony with soulful sprit together. Head over to Mia Beachclub after for party and music together. 

Opening Ceremony @ Selina

Mayan Opening Ceremony

The mayans have a way with the stars and universe, allowing them to call in the 6 directions from around, above and below to connect with the souls of our ancestors. Come experience the magic of Tulum as we open the portal and bless this sacred land to officially start the festival. 

3pm-5pm: Tantric Fruit Ceremony (donation based)

6pm-8pm: Opening Ceremony with Mayans + Drums

8pm-1am: Music + Dancing @ Mia Beachclub

Festival Offerings

Choose from a variety of wellness classes over the weekend at Selina for Soulful Festival

Yoga Classes

Choose from a variety of different yoga classes at the wellness deck at Selina every day from early morning to afternoon.


We have hired some of the best people in their field to share some amazing workshops with you to enjoy.

Sound Healing

Let your soul free as you relax into sacred sound healings in the most serene location.

Breathwork Sessions

Choose from different breathwork sessions with top presenters to fill your soul


Quiet the mind and the soul will speak. Take advantage of some epic meditations during the festival weekend.


Looking for some amazing music and to move your body? Soulful will be hosting some epic music at Mia along with a performance by MONOLINK

Ready to join?

Get your tickets now and join us for a soulful weekend that you will never forget! Connect with your Soulfam and carpe diem!